Late Raphael: One of the most important exhibitions ever to be devoted to the artist and his studio.

Raffaello Sanzio (Urbino, 1483 – Rome, 1520) is one of the most influential artists in the history of art. This exhibition is the first to centre on the final creative period of this great Renaissance painter, and presents works from the last years of his production.

This was the period in his career when Raphael produced the work that would have the greatest subsequent impact on European art. 

Exhibition in the Prado Museum of Madrid, organised in conjunction with the Musée du Louvre. Open until September 16th, 2012…

Bindo Altoviti, 1516-1518, National Gallery of Art. Self-Portrait with a Friend, 1519 - 1520, Musée du Louvre. Woman at a Mirror, 1523-1524, Pushkin Museum. Baldassare Castiglione, 1519, Musée du Louvre.


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